oh boy

ImageI once read that if a crush lasts more than 4 months than you are in love. If this is true than I guess I am currently in love with about 7 people. Also what is a crush really defined by? I mean is it based on how many times you stalk their Facebook a day, making sure there aren’t any new girls in there tagged photos, and if  there are….oh boy get ready for even more time devoted to scrolling through pictures of a girl that turned out only to be his cousin. What about if he likes your pictures on Instagram, I mean that obviously means he likes you right?! So what if you guys haven’t ever talked in real life, go tell your friends you made eye contact with him walking out of class and the fact that he didn’t say hi means he was too shy and too intimidated obviously! What about that time when you stood next to him at a party and he actually said hi?! You better hurry and call your parents because the wedding planning needs to get under way ASAP. okay okay, so I may be exaggerating a little, but lets be real all us girls do this. We overanalyze, criticize, and memorize every small detail about every guy and every situation we have ever had with him, in real life or not. I guy comes up to us at a party, you start talking, and then immediately after you start stalking. I mean sorry not sorry, but we all need to know if he is photogenic, the same political party, and if his major will make a substantial income before we decide whether we can ever talk to them again. It’s simple stuff ladies. So my basic point to you ladies out there reading this, and even guys, stop stalking and keep talking. In the future we will be able to figure everything out about someone by simply typing there name into Google, creepy, but no matter how compatible you may think you are based on his tagged photo of him surfing and his witty hashtags on Instagram, you will never get anywhere unless you actually talk to the person in real life. So do you really want someone judging you based on all the photos your mom tagged you in of your cats? I mean I have met a few cat ladies who are married, but my point is base a crush off of your conversations, in real life please, and not over social media. Word. 


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