To conform or not to conform? That is the question

ImageI know we all complain about there not being enough decent guys in this world, but I know there are decent guys, but is it too much to ask for a guy who would sit and have a conversation with me before hooking up? I guess you could call me an old soul believing a date should come before sex. Maybe it was my religious upbringing, the fact that I am an older sibling and want to be a good example to my younger sister, or maybe its my insecurities about not feeling “experienced” enough for people in college. Whatever my excuse is, for some reason my gut is telling me that there is someone out there who respects the same boundaries and sense of chivalry I do. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a hopeless romantic and an avid reader. Books have made me fall susceptible to the love struck couple who finds each other and spends the rest of their lives holding tightly to each other in their whirlwind romance. I’m over here like “OMG he liked my profile picture!” thinking this is definitely proof that he likes me/thinks I’m hot. Lets be real though, it doesn’t, but like most girls after I write this I will probably continue to believe it. What I really want is to talk to someone face to face, not behind any kind of screen or laced with any beverage/drug. I want to have a conversation with someone that we will both remember. Praise to all you girls out there who get some more than I do, because honestly I have no idea how you do it. I can read, write, solve calculus problems, but I still cannot speak fluently the language of flirtation. This dilemma leaves me many times leaves me watching 80’s movies in my bed while shoving chocolate into my face and texting my girlfriends for tips on what I should do next time, but you want to know what?! This pity party is a continuos cycle because I don’t change! So for now I have decided to try something new, wish me luck and I will keep you guys updated (for those of you who even read this that is). I mean your college years are supposed to be your sluttiest right? Wish I could just live it up like drake and yell YOLO at every scenario, but in this case I don’t think music lyrics are going to soothe my social anxiety. 


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