Weekly Writing Challenge- Moved By music

When I saw this challenge I sat for a long time thinking about my favorite songs- Drops of Jupiter, anything by the Lumineers, and of course Hallelujah. In the end my mind started playing skinny love by Bon Iver and I knew this was the song I was going to write about. Bon Iver has a way of making the listener feel his plea for a love, a struggle to love someone when neither will recognize their feelings for one another. It’s sad to think of two people who love each other but are to afraid to speak of first. Its a silent plea for someone to to speak for your soul, for your heart to connect with someone, and then in the end be utterly lost. today we hear love described as something that can easily be moved on from, something that can be replaced by another boy ahem Taylor Swift. Bon Iver sings for the true love, the one that got away, and the one he was never able to love. This love was just growing, skinny like the stem of a flower, yet in the end it withered from a sense of false hope and loss of patience. Not only is this my go to song when I am sad because it makes me feel that cuddling with my blankets and mending my sore heart with food is acceptable, but it also gives me the insight that love is something to be sung about and said to someone, not stored away and hidden till it can no longer be recognized by the person you felt it towards. Personally I have never loved someone, but when I do, I can only hope I don’t hide my feelings like the couple in the song. Portraying a love as skinny only makes me hope that one day someone will be able to in a sense feed it, store their own love in me. Yeah I know that sounds cheesy, but what’s worse, loving someone and telling them to find out they don’t feel the same, or two people loving each other and neither having the courage to tell the other? So go now. Tell them. 



8 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge- Moved By music

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