So part of my everyday ritual is to read Elite Daily before I go to class. For those of you who haven’t read any of their articles I highly encourage you because they are all for Gen-Y (aka our generation). Today I came upon an article title “Why good girls have become Unicorns” and from the title alone I was drawn to read more about it. An anonymous writer described herself as a “unicorn” because she was a 24 year old virgin. Yes I can hear the jaws dropping as I type these words. I guess I was amazed at this also, because it seems as though all my friends are having sex, all their friends are having sex, and all their friend’s friends are having sex. After doing some research I discovered that our generation is known as the “hook-up” generation. For those of you out there that are as disappointed by this label as I am high five. I mean shouldn’t we be doing something to help change the planet? Invent a cool app that could help someone? Learn how to turn milk into a source of fuel? But no we are being labeled as a group of individuals who hook-up instead of get into relationships because we are as unsure about defining relationships as we are to figuring out what we want to do in the future.

Being a hopeless romantic, I am always interested in the stories of people who go against the norms and stand what they believe in. I mean haven’t we all seen the above the influence commercials? Those aren’t only meant to support anti-drug use folks. I blame the fact that I believe in soul mates to all the books I read, the fact that someone will write me a letter every day of the year to the movies that though unrealistic left me with hope, and the idea that the rising divorce rates in the US will never shadow over me.

Because of all this I understand this whole “unicorn” idea, but in reality we aren’t extinct, probably just a dying breed. I would relate us more to monarch butterflies or polar bears. All the struggles with guys that girls who hook up with people are mirrored just the same with virgins, except most of them just completely turn away from their advances, feeling that it is wrong due to some internal alarm. Standing alone among a different pack is a lot harder than many people assume. If everyone is talking about something you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be involved in that conversation, to relate to what they are saying, to comprehend the inside jokes and experiences they all share. Yeah it sucks to be left out of things, but the thing that gets me going is knowing that I trusted my gut and stand by what I believe in. If you just do something because everyone else does then you might as well go by army pants and flip flops like Regina George. 

Personally, I feel like most people don’t understand my decision to still be a virgin at the age of 20, but its my decision and for reasons that people may not respect, understand, or think uncool, I am going to stand by my decision. I am not super religious, I just personally believe that before I want to be intimate with someone, they should respect who I am internally before they are able to see me physically. So to all of you reading this I’m not telling you to not have sex, I’m just simply saying do what you want to do, whatever that is. Get freaky or not, the world is your oyster and it’s your decision who you let have that shiny pearl. Just remember, don’t follow the crowd just so you don’t have to stand alone, follow them because you believe in what they are standing for, and if you don’t then do your own thing, be the unicorn in the world of horses. 


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