What would you do?

I always ask myself the question “What would you attempt to do if you could not fail?” Simply I think I would do anything. I would swim my way to the Olympics and take the gold medal, I would write an amazing screenplay that would win Oscars, I would live a life completely free of failure. Similarly, I reflect on the question “What would you do if money was not important?” Living in a society constantly fueled by another’s gain and one’s loss, money is the green we digest as though it sustains us. Now that I am in college, soon to be pushed ingot he real world, I believe that there are so many more important things that can’t simply be measured by what is in someone’s wallet. 

If money didn’t matter, I would travel the entire world in one year, I would read books for the entire day and just sit with people and discuss them, I would write on this blog for a living. My parents have always told me that money shouldn’t matter, that choosing a job should be something you are deeply passionate about, something that you look forward to every morning you wake up and something you are so excited to return to the night before. Today so many people are caught up in the idea that money is happiness. That poverty is a social status many are too ashamed to join. As a college student I see people every day complaining about the classes they are taking, already stressing about the future that hasn’t even begun. The other day I even asked one of my roommates why she doesn’t just witch majors, do something she wanted to do and you know what she said? She said she wanted to support her spending habits and that her parents wouldn’t approve of what she really wanted to do. I honestly had no response to that. Is money so important that we are willing to give up what we love doing in hopes that a piece of paper can help us fill the void we will soon have?

I am just curious to think what would everyone out there do if money wasn’t an issue? IF money didn’t matter and we were all able to  able to be successful based on what we were passionate about? Everyday people complain about how younger generations aren’t doing anything to improve the world, how we are getting lost in a technologically dependent world. My response to that, why are we always taught that in order to succeed you must make a lot of money? Success to me isn’t measured by an physical entity, but by a personal achievement, an accomplishment you originally didn’t think was possible. 

I used to be so wrapped up in what job would allow me to make the most money, but once I got to college I realized my personal happiness was worth a lot more than a new car, the latest shoes, and a giant house. To tell you all the truth, money doesn’t matter, we all just make it seem like it does. So simply just answer me this: what would you do if you weren’t worried about making money?


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