The creative adult

It is said to be true that the creative adult is really a child who survived. I was struck deeply by the word survived in this context because if to survive means to live or exist in spite of danger or a hardship, and if this is true then half the world today no longer contains the awe we feel as children. To be creative is like to look at the world through a magnifying lens. You see things in ways other people do not, and because of this you feel inspired to create something deep down that will allow you to comment, save, or perminate that one specific element. 

We grow up to see the world as our oyster, the foundation of our success, and the building block for our future. To me, this is not true. I see the world as a self-sustaining companion, an element that fuels me to be the best I can be. I see the world and I as a give and take relationship. I think along to the way, somewhere in high school or college, maybe even younger, people lose the child within. They stop staring at the ants collect food along the sidewalk, listen to music for only the beat, and do the meticulous math problems with the enthusiasm of a character from walking dead. But, still there is hope. There are a select few among the rest who remember the beauty of leaves changing in the fall, who read for the pleasure of escaping their own life, and who record and write down what inspires them to make the world more permanent. 

It is the simple things that as a kid we used to love, but today we feel said because our naive way of thinking was taken away from us. But what if it wasn’t? I mean yes we know that Santa Claus is really our parents, and that clouds aren’t truly made of cotton candy, but what if for a second we forget the science and math that scientists believe is the right answer to everything. Why don’t we look at the spider web and stand back in realize that something the size of our finger made that. Something that is a speck of sand was sent to this world to create something. Because when we stand back and think, when we let our train of thought bring us back to a memory, a story, or a movie, that is when we are being creative. It is the feelings we harbor when we look with bright eyes onto the world that keep the child within alive. 

If you continue to repeat the same mundane tasks you do everyday, if you fail to try something new, and if you truly believe you are not creative, you are living a lie. It is stated simply that if you try to spell the world earth without art it will only be eh. Eh, what kind of planet is that? We come into live beaming with joy at the blades of grass and the butterflies bouncing off fences, and in the end we become part of it all again. Don’t waste the time you do have on things that don’t require thought and perspective. Spend on what you love. Spend it on what makes you branch out as a person. Spend it on looking at the long view. 


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