Date a girl who reads….

Today my parents asked my sister and I what we wanted for Christmas. My little sister sat there pondering over what she should ask for, I guessed most likely for the newest Naked makeup pallet, clothes, or shoes. Not that these things are bad to ask for, for goodness sakes its Christmas she can ask for whatever she wants, lets just hope she isn’t on the naughty list. The question of what to ask for was simple for me, books. 

Now before you roll your eyes and cough out the word nerd, remember you are reading my blog, therefore sorry not sorry but you chose to read this. My whole life I have been drawn to the pages of books because to me they aren’t just stories, they are lives that are meant to be lived beyond the page by the reader. It was once said a man who doesn’t read lives only one life, whereas a man who reads lives over 1,000. To me this is true. I can’t tell you how many times I have cried over characters in a book, how many times their death has felt as though someone in my own family has died. The numerous times I have stayed up past midnight just to finish reading a chapter of a book that wasn’t assigned by my teachers. I live for the endings that leave me satisfied, and the even more the ones that don’t. 

So yes, I am a full blown bibliophile and to me that doesn’t matter. I live through the words of another and experience things that in real life I may not be able to. The pages of these books fuel my imagination and allow me to see into lives of people I haven’t met, travel the roads they have, and better yet, understand that endings are infinite because there are always sequels. So yes, all over Christmas break I will most likely be seen with my nose in a book, but if you are nice enough to buy me a tea or cup of coffee I might put it down for a little bit and talk to you. 


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