Guys suck

Hey guys out there I’m going to help you out right now by giving you a piece of information that obviously you have not gotten before. When a girl is talking to you, regardless of your relationship- friend, hookup buddy, just met- don’t ever, and I mean ever, ask her to hook you up with someone. That is one of the lowest blows a girl could get. I mean really I am trying to have a conversation with you and all you can think about is another girl? Buh bye done talking.

Also why I’m at it please don’t tell us our friends are pretty. We know they are pretty and by you reinforcing that idea you are basically calling us ugly. “she is beautiful!” Yes I have two eyes I also know this. If you think she is so pretty go tell her and make her day. Don’t tell me because it just makes me feel like a sack of potatoes in the corner. So guys hopefully you will read this and get the hint, well actually get a clue. Girls like to be called beautiful. Girls do not like when a guy tells them someone else is beautiful. No bueno. Don’t be that guy because I definitely don’t like being that girl.


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