The fortune teller of the soul

Love travels with a crystal ball.

Inside one will see not past, present or future,

but a pair of hands extended from arms

embellished with fingers

traced with the paths of another.

Study the hands she says.

Love travels with neither an arrow nor prophecy

Letting us wander in search of the future many desperately need.

It is the journey of enlightenment

the scent of emerald currencies

the ability to concentrate eyes.

Love travels with the knowledge of Eve’s fall

the eyes that search for what they cannot find.

It is the faulty that view the mirror of love

it is the green and scarlet eyes.

For love journeys with the image of hands

hands that are not one’s own

hands that belong only to the second soul and heart.

For it is not the path which love had created for us to see

but the fingers which are meant to entwine with ours.

The palms that are meant to pulse against our secrets and absorb them.

The veins that leak immortality and the definite.

Love travels with a crystal ball

the fortune teller of the soul.

remember the hands love says.

I will you say,

holding them. 



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