boys vs. men

he says his eyes were made only for you
deep oceans with crashing waves grazing the shore of your skin.
he says his body craves yours
the simple arch in your back against his hands
the connecting of fingers
the ecstasy of making two one.
he says your personality is a map of his own
the witty lines from books
the sexual jokes understood only by each other.
he told you all these things, but the world soon reminds you that he was describing you
your eyes only see him
they look past the glances of waitresses and friends
hips on the dance floor
and the v neck sweaters at stores
your body craves his
ignoring the name that doesn’t match yours that echoes from his mouth
the touch that brings chills to your arms
the sweet taste of someone else’s lips.
you see his personality as a map of your own
but no where did you see the sharp turns of deceit and bumps made by another
never did you see the lies laid out in front of you
never did you realize it was your fault from the start
he says his eyes only belong to you
and he says it 5 times.


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