Let me tell you a story

Starting with how all your freckles connect into constellations only I can see

that your eyes fleck embers every time you read

that your laugh is the sound I want to hear when I am alone

Your arms have become the only place I call home

and your body has been the reason for my belief in eternity.

If I could put onto paper the impression of your hands on my cheeks

or paint the process of your thoughts

Vangue and Cummings would fall into oblivion.

To take a picture is not enough

to sleep next to you and memorize the rise and fall of your chest

to relax to the unison beatings of our hearts

it is not enough.

For to tell you a story

to form a beginning and middle 

will echo the creation of an end

So for now I will give my love to thee

letting you cast it out into the ocean

or give it back if you wish

but no matter the course you take

my heart has been locked

and I have swallowed the key

for to you my love will always belong. 




One thought on “story

  1. caroljforrester

    This is a really well formed poem, but I’m not sure I like the ‘thee’ it sounds a little like you’re trying to head to conform to what is seen as romantic poetry. The poem doesn’t need it, it is a beautiful, fluid piece without.


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