Yesterday I came upon a TED topic that was discussing the importance of memorization and how everyone has the ability to have a superb memory if they only practice and hone in on certain skills. This being said I began to reflect on the fact that today no one is forced to truly memorize things because we are all given access to the one thing that holds it all, the internet. Sad really, that we lose the feeling that we need to hold onto something in our heads, knowing that with a few swipes on a key board the answer will appear to us within seconds.

Thinking more deeply into this it made me sad to also realize what “memorable moments” will become. To me memorable moments include elements in my life and those around the world that cannot be summarized by a status, an Instagram photo, or more importantly, something that everyone can be included in. One of the tricks to memory that was discussed is making a topic seem so absurd, so gross, so vivid that you will be forced to remember it. The only thing I am really forced to remember is my schoolwork at this point, and everything else is simply documented for the world to see. I can see how our social culture is changing from extroverted to introverted, measuring a personal connection by messages, likes, and posts, rather than conversations and encounters. 

I am influenced greatly by those people that seek to be remembered, not by the name of fame, but instead by the people around them. These people are the artists of our generation- the readers, the painters, the musicians- these are the people who memorize to remember, who visualize in their mind what influences them. They pay attention to the elements in front of them and process deeply within and don’t use the shortcuts we are all guilty of. 

Everyday we are able to be awakened by everything around us. If you step back for a second and ponder that life in the end is the sum of our memories, would you be happy with the storage in your mind? Would your phone seem as magnetic to your hand or your Netflix to your eyes? There are no shortcuts to living a happy and interesting life, so start paying attention to who and what is in front of you. Start processing deeply everything around you, because what is significant of sharing something with the rest of the world, the answer is nothing. So remember to remember. Social change has to start somewhere, so why not within.




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