To Her

To look at you is heavy

heavy as the waves turning rock to sand

and my feet pulled to the ground.

I stare at you and wonder what we would talk about at night

to wake up and have a conversation covered by sheets and laughs.

I wonder if you would understand the words I write for you

about you

to you.

I wonder if silence is as enough for you as it is for me.

Would you take me on trips where old music would echo on the blades of grass

and strum along the hairs of my body.

Would you lay at night looking at me as I read

staring as though a blink would erase me.

I wonder if you would be able to read my thoughts to the ends of my sentences.

I wonder if you have solved this mystery of how I feel

Do you know

that to look at you is heavy.

heavier than holding my own words prisoner

heavier than knowing you belong to her.

To her.



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