If for some reason my memory begins to fail

and the picture of you becomes dusty by the winds of my subconscious heart

just know I will not forget.

Though I may be blinded by the age of my body,

failing to see the colored leaves that dance through my window,

the kissing shadows on the wall

held by marionette candle strings,

and the black and white portraits impressed on your pillow

just know I have not lost you.

For though I cannot see,

I can feel the nimble fingers of the wind pull on my dress

whispering for me to join the dance.

I can feel the fire hot, as my beating veins,

and the bed that once held two 

now divided by the thick emptiness of the air that was once your soul.

Though I may grey like the waters deep

and forget every word I ever once learned

Just know it is you that will never perish in my mind.

For a soul fed by the love of another,

will never become obsolete.

So just know my darling

time will bring no change,

for it is in my soul where you live,

for it is in my soul that you remain. 





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