An ode to weird girls



Cheers to the girls who shout water in a Spongebob voice with their pinkies up when they are thirsty, to the girls who ask people if they need dental work while their teeth are covered with brownies, to the girls who are more hilarious than their guy friends, and to the girls who laugh in a creepy scientist voice when the room is silent. This one is for you.


From an early age most of us become adapted to social cues and how to act appropriately in any given situation. Don’t talk to loud, stay inside the lines, and make sure to act lady-like. As child I was destined to be anything but socially appropriate, and because of that I grew afraid of who I was. I used to think when people associated me with the word weird it meant I was destined to be a single woman living with cats and spending my spare time knitting them all argyle sweaters in-between episodes of X-files. I used to fear that word, like a piece of spinach in between my teeth, I thought it was something everyone could see, and nothing anyone wanted to be associated with.

            It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized how boring normal truly is. I am constantly surrounded by girls who are afraid to take ugly selfies because of what people think, who dance only to attract the guy across the room, and who know inside and out the perfect formula to get someone’s attention. I used to wish I could be like that. I used to imagine a book made for girls like me that laid out perfectly how to get a guys attention, how to be that girl they all turned heads for when I walked into a party, basically I wished to be normal.

            Society has raised us to fit a mold, and praise to all you girls out there who have the cute boyfriend, who can always be surrounded by guys, and who have that perfect cute laugh. I am clapping my hands for you as I stand in the corner impersonating Spongebob and doing accapella renditions of Lucky by Britney Spears with my best friend.  There is nothing wrong with being normal, I just believe if we all stayed inside the lines life would be a little too dull.

            No, I don’t have a boyfriend, I am taller than most of my guy friends, I have the hand eye coordination of a goldfish, and Sci-Fi happens to be my favorite genre. I embrace the possibility that I may grow up to own 10 cats and hopefully one day learn to knit them all sweaters. I believe in being sassy, maybe too sassy for most people, and that bibliophiles are the most interesting people. There are times when I wish I could get that one guys attention, when I am sad I’m not little, cute, and fun-size, but it is in those moments that I remind myself that to be weird means to be one of a kind.

            It took me a long time to realize how important being weird, sarcastic, and funny (I hope so) truly were. I feel sorry for the girls who try and fit in, who force themselves into that mold and try and be like everyone else. Don’t! You weren’t made to fit that mold for a reason, as cliché as it sounds being different is better and the more you appreciate it and stop being embarrassed about it the happier you will be.

            I have come to realize over the last few years that I am the happiest when the people around me are laughing. If that means singing at the top of my lungs in a British accent, making my snapchat consist of only ugly selfies, and dancing like Napoleon Dynamite on the dance floor then so be it. If happiness is truly a choice, then I choose to forever be weird because at least I know I will always be happy. My dad told me from an early age that looks fade, but personality doesn’t, so props to you daddio because I never realized until recently how right you are.

            Your friends praise the weirdos like Jennifer Lawrence in Hollywood, laughing when she trips up the stairs or flips off the camera, but what about in real life? People roll their eyes at you if you put chopsticks in your mouth like a walrus, smirk if a girl can’t dance, and slouch if you do anything that might possibly embarrass them. We think the perfect package is big boobs, tight abbs, and flawless skin, but we are overlooking the most important factor every time. What would life be like without the friend who makes us laugh till our stomach hurt, without Tina Fey or Amy Poehler, the true guardians of the weird girl?

To all you girls out there who don’t fit in to our generation, to those girls who do the chicken dance while waiting at IN-N-Out, to the girls who make weird faces when people stare at you, and to the girls who wear high socks with sandals, cheers to you. You have learned that happiness comes when you are truly yourself, when you aren’t hiding behind clothes, makeup, and text messages to make an impression. You have realized the positive connotation that the word weird brings with it. You have seen that living inside your comfort zone is about as fun as staring at an empty fish tank.

So embrace your ability to be a cat-whisperer, to be in love with the classes you are taking, to be more fun sober than most people are drunk, because I can promise you, you will have way more fun. At the end of the day it is your happiness that matters, not the boy who doesn’t like you back or the people who think talking to loud is embarrassing, so choose to be happy. So girls, choose you, because I promise, it will be the best decision you make because once you realize how happy you are being you, it will no longer matter what anyone else thinks. So here’s to all us weirdos. Be too deep for anyone to understand your point of view, embarrass yourself for the sake of your friends, make them listen to your poems about your make believe lover and most importantly remember what Amy Poehler once said: “ You can never look stupid if you are having fun.” So never be afraid to be sassy, smart-assy, independent, or geeky, because if you are being you, not matter how weird, someone will notice and be inspired to do the same. 


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